Products and Services

OMS/CSIP Model and Data Services

More than 200 model and data services are deployed or in development, accessed at the OMS cloud services (CSIP) site.  CSIP and its services are free under a LGPL 2.1 license.

OMS Component-Based Models

The following models have been built from the ground up or re-factored using the OMS framework:

AGro-EcoSystem-Watershed Model (AgES-Watershed)
Precipitation and Runoff Model (PRMS)
Monthly Water Balance Model with Isotopes (IWBMIso)

OMS API and Console

The open source OMS framework and console is available to modelers for download directly from the OMS Development Site.

Other Services

The following services also are available through OMSLab:

  • Access to soil, climate, and land management data
  • Training workshops
  • Technical support in the use of OMS
  • Consultation in the use of OMS models
  • Component and model design and programming
  • Business application x model integration
  • Model calibration and validation
  • Model and data service hosting

These services can be obtained through contracts or agreements with OMSLab involving funding or in-kind contribution of resources among members.  OMSLab provides a place for modeling communities to interact and collaborate on activities of mutual interest.