Geospatial UI for Water Balance Modeling in Nile Basin

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has contracted with Colorado State University and the OMS team to build a geospatial user interface UI for the iWBMIso water balance model used to assess groundwater resources in the Nile Basin.  The project leverages the CSU Environmental Resource Analysis and Management System (eRAMS) geospatial platform developed by Dr. Mazdak Arabi at CSU, integrated with OMS and its cloud services infrastructure (CSIP).  Modelers in the eleven participating countries will be able to use the UI to (1) efficiently upload and manage geospatial data  layers and their attributes, (2) run tools to process and format data for input to iWBMIso, (3) delineate basins, sub-basins, and hydrologic response units for analysis, (4) estimate and adjust model parameters, and (5) calibrate and run model simulations.  Initially, the application will be packaged as a virtual machine (VM) install on desktop or notebook computers, and designed for later on-line implementation.  The application is expected to be delivered in Spring 2014.