OMS Training Underway at the University of Trento

The University of Trento, in collaboration with Colorado State University (CSU) and the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), is conducting a “summer school” on OMS this week (October 14-18, 2013).

See Dr Riccardo Rigon’s About Hydrology blog to track progress with the school.  From the blog the “school is the first of a cycle of high educational courses focusing on the hydrologic and environmental modeling by using Object Modeling System (OMS).  OMS, a pure Java, object-oriented modeling framework allows model construction and model application based on components…. The school is dedicated to young Professors, Researchers, Post Docs, PhD students, and environmental modellers (but gifted Master Students are also welcome to apply), and it is organised in 5 days of lessons and working groups.”   Drs. Olaf David (CSU), Giuseppe Formetta (Università della Calabria), and Gabriella Turek (NIWA) are instructors.  Course scheduled and materials can be found here.